Dear Mallory
Letters To a Teenage Girl Who
Killed Herself  


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In 2011, Lisa Richards, a clinical social worker, lost her only child, her eighteen year-old daughter Mallory, to suicide. 
Desperate to unearth some good from her daughter's self-inflicted death, Lisa collected letters to Mallory from her friends and loved ones.  She also began writing to her daughter.  The result is Dear Mallory:  Letters To A Teenage Girl Who Killed Herself. 
Dear Mallory offers compassion and understanding, and its contributors hope to increase awareness for people everywhere, about how we influence one another and can make a positive difference in each others' lives.

Help us to eliminate the epidemic of suicide, and to decrease the stigma still all too often associated with mental illness.  With over one million people worldwide taking their lives every year, none of us can afford to turn away.


**All profits from sales of Dear Mallory go towards helping people at risk for suicide**
Testimonials & Reviews

"Profoundly moving...riveting, insightful and raw.  This book should be shared with most junior high and high school counselors as well as PTA's across America."
~Paul Gilmartin, The Mental Illness Happy Hour

"Lisa Richards doesn't pull any punches.  Her hauntingly candid book [has] particularly poignant moments...It is hard to keep a clinical, or for that matter, dry eye, when Richards recounts anecdotes...I look forward to any future works by this brave author, and will be ready to read them with an open mind and a large box of tissues."

~Sara Weekly, M.D.
Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Vol. 53 Number 4, April, 2014

" extremely personal and poignant way to demonstrate the long reaching ripples of suicide...This book has the potential to be life have an enormous impact on those considering increase awareness that the things we say and do, and the way we treat each other matters, and we can't take that responsibility lightly...Since reading it, I haven't had a day go by that I haven't reflected on it."

~Teresa Ward, M.A., L.I.M.H.P.
American Association of Suicidology

 “I stand in awe of Lisa Richards’ courage to passionately and intimately share with us her loss, refusing to be silenced by her daughter Mallory’s suicide.”

~from Forward to Dear Mallory by Nancy Rappaport, M.D. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

"[Dear Mallory] will save lives."
~Margaret A. Jones, Family Law Attorney
Hermosa Beach, California

  [Dear Mallory] is something we will put in our library and make available for the girls in our program.  It has the power to change many lives.”
~Dan Stuart, M.S., L.M.F.T. Executive Director, Founding Partner, Solstice Residential Treatment Center for Adolescent Girls, Layton, Utah

“[Dear Mallory] is the synthesis of the agonizing journey from grief’s darkest days to the dawning of healing, acceptance, and hope.  The book honors the power of the indomitable human spirit to survive, to make meaning from the horror, and to value relationships, love, and life.”
~Iris Bolton, author of My Son, My Son

“This book should be mental health professionals’ vade mecum for guidance, support, and reference in their practices.” ~Paul J. Lane, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"I gave 'Dear Mallory' to one of my clients who attempted suicide and is recovering from depression.  After reading the book, she said 'This book helped me to flip the coin as a parent, and realize how much pain I would've inflicted on people who mean so much to me. [This book] made me think twice about the ramifications of suicide, and I refuse to let my daughter blame herself.'"  An impressive book under the most trying of personal circumstances."
~Dr. Raymond Scurfield, Professor Emeritus, University of Southern Mississippi School of Social Work, 2012 National Association of Social Work Lifetime Achievement Award

"An incredibly touching, painful, honest, and revealing journey.  I am looking to add it to the curriculum of my beginning therapy classes. Beautifully done."
~Scott Bonnell, L.M.F.T.
Adjunct Professor Mount Saint Mary College

“…a powerful book.”
~Elaine Leader, Ph.D., CGP,FAGPA; Executive Director, TEEN LINE, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, California

“Dear Mallory is an exceptional and uplifting book.”
~Mort Schrag, The Compassionate Friends

“These letters are poignantly personal, yet they speak to the universal experience of anyone who has been touched by suicide loss.”
~Nina J. Gutin, Ph.D., Co-Chair, Clinician-Survivor Task Force, American Association of Suicidology; Survivors After Suicide Program, Didi Hirsch Mental Health Center, Los Angeles, California

"I am in awe of how Lisa Richards' pure, passionate love for her daughter flowed free... Her letters to Mallory abound with tender, funny memories and quirky descriptions of her child's life and personality."

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